The Design Process of Ideating a Packaging Design

How we do it?


Packaging Design Case study

We have a client who has given a brief to pack their products – Essential Oil, into a hamper or packaging. She has no idea how to go about starting and is not quite sure how it will look like. Our job here is to assist her to identify an art direction with the product, within a short time frame.

Firstly, we will create a “Moodboard” to guide her along, so that at the end of the day, she will know roughly know the “look and feel” of her packaging before we even start the designing process. This is important as it makes sure designers & clients have the same vision. This can be done within an hour or half a day.

A moodboard basically helps to determine and narrow down the design process. This is essential as part of design thinking, such that it is time and cost effective, avoiding miscommunication. You can learn how to create more structured moodboards here.

Meanwhile we are in the midst of preparing a video on how we create moodboards for packaging design for our clients. Keep yourself updated by subscribing to our Latest News/Free Downloads. 

Moodboards can be easily created to identify:

  • Art Direction – Look and Feel of packaging. Whether it is western, eastern, Japanese, earthly, modern, bright & cheerful, etc. We never fail to get lots of inspiration for packaging ideas from Pinterest.
  • Colour Scheme: Similarly, Pinterest will usually not go wrong with colour scheme if you find the right one.
  • To identify the colour palette or range we like our packaging to adopt.
  • Pack Form: Once the look and feel and colours are determined via a moodboard, we also suggested different pack form for our customer to choose. Whether it is a basket, a package or an wrap over; or material it is using like: paper, cardboard, wood or plastic, etc.

Once a client has done going through the moodboards, by then they should be more or less be able to identify the “look and feel”, colour scheme and pack form they want. We are good to start on the design of the packaging. Usually we do not a fix a pack form or colour scheme, we create proposals and options for client to choose.

Sometimes along the way, things may not work out so we may modify and test out again. Once the detail of a packaging design is near to final, we produced mck ups to test out the pack form and design.

Finally we can move on to the final finished artwork. Of course, during the process, we always discuss with our customers. It will churn out a co-create design if customers enjoy being part of ideation. Some customers will prefer to leave this to the experts, we are very flexible. We always test out with prototypes before design goes to the printer. In this way, designers’ expertise and customers’ satisfaction will be met merrily!




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